Ruger MKII mounting optics & trigger questions


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Apr 29, 2010
Hanahan, SC
So i have a MKII Government Target model which has a red dot site on it. I'm guessing Ruger didn't drill & tap this gun since the holes are off center and my rails are canted to one side.
Yeah makes it easy to do the ghetto style hold where you turn the gun on it side. OK so it's not the bad but it still sucks. Has anyone used the Weigand rail that mounts in the rear sight dovetail?
Here's the description:
"If you have and older Ruger MKI, MKII that's not drilled and tapped you can install this SCOPEMOUNT without making any permanent alterations to your favorite pistol. Remove the rear sight, insert the threaded dovetail filler and install the mount with the screws provided. Accepts all Weaver-style rings and accessories. 5-1/4" long, silver or Black, matte anodoized finish, weighs 2.5 ounces."

Next question is what to do about improving the trigger. Frost let me pull his trigger and it was awesome. Wait, wait that didn't come out right. Seriously lets hear some ideas about simple trigger mods or drop in parts.


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Oct 1, 2009
North Chuck, SC
Mine is a Mark III hunter.
It already had the holes drilled so I don't know about the mount.
I did have a machine shop counter bore another hole so I could reverse the scope mount.
I de-lawyered it with all Volquartsen internals.
The trigger came out nice.
I have an older well worn Mark I with a Clark trigger that isn't bad.

Just don't forget to give it a good whack with a plastic hammer when you are done to make sure it is safe.
(that didn't sound quite right either did it? :lol: )