RUGER MK III Reassembly help

Savage Sniper

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First day on the forum and I already have a question :?: I Disassembled my MK III for the frist today to clean, I used an online video on how to do this and used another to reassemble ... ol-258785/ and everything is fine right up until installing the stop pin assembly (2:52) the tip of the pin extends beyond the top of the receiver and I even tapped on it to ensure it is in all the way. My problem comes when I close the latch, something is pulling the pin back out as I try to rotate the latch closed. (3:00) It's making me mad tonight so I'll come back to it tomorrow. Any help is appreciated. Thankyou.

Savage Sniper

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Thanks anyway. I did come back to it today and figured it out. I thought the hammer was ALL of the way up but it was preventing the latch from closing. I inserted the magazine, pulled the trigger and was able to push the hammer up further allowing me to close the latch. Will know from now on!


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Glad you got it back together.
You ought to eliminate that silly magazine safety.
That and the Volquartzen parts make a big difference.


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