Rossi ranch hand pistol

lafayette gregory

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Anybody own one of these? What ca you tell me about them?


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I've checked those out at the last gun show, I really like it. Funny it's about a 50/50 split on calling it a pistol or rifle. :lol:


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what was that show where

was it Steve Mcqueen carried one?

Wanted Dead or Alive?

i never could get what caliber it was but it was supposed to be big. 444?


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Isn't that what Woody Harrelson had in the zombie movie he was in recently? I saw one in a gun shop recently & thought that it looked cool. Was surprised that it is considered a pistol so no tax stamp required!

Red Hat

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I have a Henry Mares Leg in 22LR. Fun firearm. I almost bought a Rossi Ranch Hand at the last Greenville gun show in 45lc.