Romanian Vertical Foregrip


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I am looking for a decent deal on a Romanian Vertical fore-grip.
I found a complete stock set for $12 online and ordered one.
The add said they were used and some were carved on.
I only wanted the foregrip and was foolish enough to think that the carving would be confined to the stock.
Was I ever wrong.

The one I recieved looks like someone wrote his girlfriends name on the forgrip with a drill.
Multiple deep holes carved out between.
Not deep enough to make it structurally unsound but so deep as to be beyond sanding out.

I called the company back, told them I was not complaining about the one I had received but I would like to get a hand select one.
I was told by the girl on the phone that was not possible.
I responded, "you mean there is no one who can take 2 minutes to pull one that is decent enough to refinish for extra money?"
This really surprised me as most companies offer hand select.
I guess Centerfire is so big they don't care about my money.

I don't want to pay the $40 to $50 for a new one or the $140 for a complete set
I just want one that can be restored.

I suppose if all else fails I could order a couple more sets and hope one of them was in decent shape but then I would have spent the price of a new one.

In case you are a little fuzzy on what I am wanting here is a picture.


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that's a pretty gun. Is that the actual firearm? or a photo you snagged off the internet?
I recall we talked about the foregrip that was carved?
I'd like to see the actual damage on the one you bought.

It might be salvageable. Is the damage too deep to sand out?
I used to work in wood a good bit as a hobby. there is a lot you can do with a piece of wood.
Dark stain will cover a multitude of sins if hte wood is not too soft and the sanding is not too coarse.



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I wish that was my gun.
Nope it was a random find.

I filled the holes and sanded it smooth several times.
I have done about all I can, I am thinking if I stain it dark it will be ok.
I don't have a picture of what it originally looked like other than in my head.
I you can see pictures in peoples heads I have bigger problems than a foregrip.
If you see any pictures of me in your wife's head she's lying I swear.

Actually I have a replacement foregrip on order.
It should be here next week.

I will take a picture of what the foregrip I have looks like now and post it later.


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If I can find an under-folder grip for a decent price yes.
I am pretty sure the one that is on it's way is not the one I really wanted.


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Frost said:
If I can find an under-folder grip for a decent price yes.
I am pretty sure the one that is on it's way is not the one I really wanted.

Yea the ones for $12 I have seen are for the rifles and swing towards the muzzle not backwards. Those are a little harder to come by. I have seen them come up on GB and the AK files every once in a while. If I do come across one online I'll hit you up.


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Frost: DId you see the guy thaat had a whole box of these handles at the show this weekend. Full box, your choice $10.00...
I found them Sunday, but, figured you had either seen them, or you would be away from the phone..