Rock Hill FNG signed up


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Feb 15, 2010
Rock Thrill
Hello world.

Found you guys through a sig link on the Carolina forum, so figured I would check it out and sign up to help promote growth.

About me...
Live in Rock Thrill, moved up from G'town on the coast over 4 years ago...
Been shooting since scouts...
New C&R owner...
Filling up my 14 gun safe fast....
Longs: 10/22, Sig 522, Mosin M91, Enfield #4 Mk1, M24/47, SKS
Shorts: XD 45, Stoeger 40, S&W Chief Special 38, NEF 22 snub,
Nov 11, 2009
CUrob said:
CU = Clemson University...

CUrob was my AIM name way back when, now I just use it for everything else too.
I was hoping that was it. great to have another Tiger fan here . watch out for maddog he is a friggin chicken lover!!


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Jan 19, 2010
antreville SC
Heck with the tigers or cocks, the man has a SKS ;) cant be all bad :lol: what sks you got> chi-com, yugo, alby, or one of the rare ones? if you have a rare one dont tell me or I woill be drooling and crying on the key board! love them SKS's