Ring necked cases


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While troubleshooting a problem on an older rifle, I noticed the fired cases have a "Ring" around the neck of the case. What can cause this? Its apparently been doing this for two years and hundreds of rounds. It wasn't until I got another rifle of this type that I noticed it was doing this to the cases.

I have a similar rifle that does not do this. Same make, different year.


Bob Ouellette

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I could be wrong, but to me it seems like there is a deformation in the chamber of your rifle. Does it only have the ring after firing or is it noticeable (even if not fully developed) on an unfired round?


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It almost looks like you had a case separation just ahead of the shoulder, and there is still a thin layer of brass still in the chamber. Time to get the brightest light you own and spend some time staring through the barrel.