Rim fire taget pistol, so hard to chose


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I am new to the sport I need a little help figuring out which pistol to buy. I have been shooting a Beretta Neos U22. It's a fun plinker but I want to get a bit more serious. I have been looking at the S&W Model 41, Kimber rimfire target and the Ruger MKII target. They all have good reviews and some bad. I have been leaning toward the M41 because I may consider competative shooting. If anyone can help, your input will be aprecited.


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I have never heard anyone speak ill of the Smith.
I have a couple of the Rugers and have found them to be very durable.
With a couple of parts and a little time you can get a good trigger with the Mark III.
Mine is pretty decent or at least I think so.


Smith 41s,while great guns,have become pretty pricey and have always been ammo picky.For what you get for the money its hard to beat Rugers.


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I found a used M41 for $500 yesterday, it has a few extra's too, optic sight and competition grip. I think this is a pretty good deal I may jump on it. The pistol shot amazing, at 15 yards the grouping was dead on. I put 100 rounds of CCI mini mags through it with at least 4 failed to fire. I thought that was kind of high for both the Ammo and pistol.


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+1 on the rugers. Also check out buckmarks, I always have liked them as well. I don't think you can beat one of those two and there are enough versions and aftermarket support to fit what you want very specifically.