Right to Hunt Vote


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the right to hunt has never really been an questione, but as they say, the more urban the landscape becomes the more non-hunters will be lead by anti-gun activists to try and stop hunting, perhaps all together. I believe it is the time to go ahead and put it in writing since the opposition is obviously gearing up to do the same. It seems like every natural activity needs to be written one way ot the other.

We have way too many laws. Every new law makes a tool to control. Laws are always tools to control and remove rights. I wish the framers of the constitution had stated that citizens can do what ever they want to as long as they didn't do deliberate harm to others . . . wait, . . . didn't they say something like that?



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" What is the definition of is?" I agree that too many lawyers spoil the bill. But, as with the Bible, interpretation can twist anything assbackwards. There is no easy answer and until everyone has the same respect for others that they desire, we will have the food chain style of government where the middle supports the lower and the upper parasites.
Damn that sounds cynical. :lol: