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So my girlfriend and I are coming down to south carolina from ohio for the new years holiday. I'll try not to be an annoying yankee while I'm here but make no guarantees.

My question is about section 23-31-225 I think. Pertaining to getting "express permission" before entering a residence while carrying a firearm. Last time we visited in may we were in townville and had a great day out on the lake. We only stayed for a day as we were on our way to Florida to see my dad. I asked if I could carry upon arrival and it was not a problem what so ever.

This time though we are visiting them at their other place in or near Charleston. Do I need to once again get permission for the other residence even though the same people own it??? Do I need permission every time I walk inside??? Should I get permission in writing??? Or am I just way over thinking this whole thing???

I'm already aware of duty to inform as it's the same up here. Is there anything else I need to know so I don't get in trouble on some goofy section of law???

Thanx in advance.



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The verbal authorization doesn't matter if you can't prove it later.

Or, because we are innocent until proven guilty, the state would have to prove that you did not have authorization.

Say you get verbal permission but then have a huge fight. Dear old dad trespasses you and calls the cops. Dad denies he ever gave you permission. Now we're in a grey area. If it isn't recorded or written down it'll be a "he said/he said" situation.


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I don't expect to have any problems as since last time I was down there we had my AR set up on a picnic table in the yard shooting some cans and stuff. I totally agree that written permission would be the safest bet if somehow it ended up in court. I'm just trying to understand and remain compliant with what I'm guessing most people think is a silly law.


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Just send him an email asking permission, if you can carry at his residence, when he answers your email you will have proof if he says yes.