Repository Section?


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Do you think we need a repository section?
Basically a static section for knowledge?

I can't be the only one who gets asked questions over and over.
I think if we all add a few items we could have a large amount of information readily available.



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Actually the really tall thing about you, Frost, is your humility!



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A sticky in each forum with FAQ's pertaining to that particular forum might be easier instead of a whole new forum.


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While stickies are a good idea what I have in mind is more things than would be practical.
I mean we would not want the entire first page of a forum to be stickies.

I just don't want to create a new forum and it have 4 or 5 entries.
WE all have knowledge that would be of great interest to others.
It's just a matter of taking the time to type it in.

I say this to some of you who have not posted before.
Don't be shy, this is a friendly forum not like some of the others.
It's like your first kiss, you worry about it and when you finally do it, WOW!
Share your knowledge with us, you might find you like it.

For example there are several generations of Thompson Contender.
Each generation is different and some are more desirable than others.
I don't know what the differences are but I would like to know.
I might not be buying one this week but it would be nice to have that information at my fingertips.


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It will be tech articles and worthy information.
Things that go in the archive section will be there till the day the sun goes nova.
Google will spread your words of wisdom to the corners of the Earth.

Feel free indeed PLEASE post tech information and articles for the section.
I have done a couple and y'all are much smarter and more experienced than I.