Remington Model 7 "Micro" 300 Blackout


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I'm heading in another direction for my bolt-action gun, haven't even played with this toy too much to get to enjoy it. It has approximately 10 rounds down the barrel.

Manufactured by AAC on Remington Model 7 Actions. Barrel is approximately 16.5" and threaded for a suppressor or muzzle brake (5/8x24)

For those not aware, the 300 Blackout round is a commercialized version of the 300 Whisper / 300/221 Fireball cartridge. It shoots 125 grain bullets in the low 2200-2400 fps range and 220-240 grain bullets subsonic. The supersonic loads are definitely Whitetail and pig medicine, and the subsonics paired with a suppressor make a nice depredation rig.

Comes with the 20 MOA base and I will throw in the high 1" rings if the buyer is so inclined. SCOPE IS NOT INCLUDED!!!!

Asking $675 FTF in SC (South Carolina Resident) I'm willing to drive approximately 1 hour to meet if its a done deal. Shipping is an additional $25 to your FFL.



Feel free to ask for additional details. Or go to to find out more about the cartridge and various firearm platforms.



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Damn you!!! I am looking in the safe to see what I can offload as we speak. Think the sheriffs office would mind me selling their Glock 23??? LOL JK JK!


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heheheh Henry,

Maybe it'll be around after Christmas.. I still owe Clicker a trip to the range to test it out with a can. aside from my one week of a few days hunting, I've been working too much to enjoy it. Going on my 13th day in a row at work, and likely to hit almost every day in December.

Still got to get my $$ together to order a Mystic and begin my prolnged wait....

See ya sooner or later.