Remington 592 5mm magnum w/UTG scope + ammo

Cherokee Slim

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I've been hanging on to this Remington 5mm magnum for many years now. First purchased it in about '72-'73 and used it extensively squirrel hunting in the mid-70's. In my opinion this is the finest rim-fire cartridge ever made. Made by Remington to compete with the Winchester .22 magnum, the ammunition was just too much more expensive, even then, to find a lot of admirers. At a time when .22 magnum ammo was about $1.50 a box, this stuff was around $5 a box. I'm convinced that is the reason the rifle was only produced for 3-4 years.

As you may be aware, the only 5mm magnum ammo available from '82-2008 was what had been produced by Remington prior to that period, and it was only available at a VERY steep price. When Aguila started producing the round in 2008 under the Centurion brand, it again became affordable to actually shoot this rifle.

I haven't hunted for many years now, and haven't hunted with this rifle since the '70's. Back then, it saw a lot of time in the woods and bears the handling marks of such action. But, as you can see from the photos, it's still in very good shape. I've only taken it to the range for target shooting since the ammo became available again.

This package deal includes: the rifle, a UTG Leapers 4x16x40 scope with illuminated reticle (will also come with the original rear sight which had to be removed to mount the scope) and 23 boxes (1150 rounds) of Centurion ammo AND 2 full boxes and one partial box of 35 rounds (135 total rounds) of the original Remington ammo. If you look closely at the picture, you'll see a couple of the boxes still bear the original $5.50 price tag. But to buy this original Remington ammo today, you are unlikely to find it for less than $75/box.

The Centurion ammo has been made sporadically since 2008, and right now is not widely available. If past is prologue, they will have another run sometime in the future and it will again be available at a more reasonable price. Right now the Centurion ammo, when you can find it, is selling for $45-$50 a box.

So, for all the ammo plus the rifle and scope, I'm asking $1500 (which, at market price for the ammo makes the rifle itself a real steal!!); would consider trading but prefer a cash sale. Will not separate: if it doesn't sell as a package, I'm keeping both the rifle and ammunition. PM if interested and thanks for looking.