Remington 1894 Damascus Barrell


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I just got this gun a couple of days ago at an auction. I had a gunsmith look at it...he said that it looked in excellent condition and had been recently fired. I asked him if it was safe to fire, but he was concerned about modern loads with it being a "Damascus" barrell. He referred me to this forum to ask if anyone had any advice. I have talked to several friends and all agree that regular modern shells would probably not be good, some have said to get paper black powder rounds. Some have said to shoot regular rat shot. Some have said that a low power round made by RST shells are good. Hard to find those locally here in Charleston.

Here is the link to RST ... shells.htm.

If I go this route by ordering from them, which round would you recommend? Thanks for any advice.


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First of all, heels, welcome to the forum...good to see the neighbors here. Go to the new users section and introduce yourself.

Now, i would love to see that shotgun...i love the damascus look.




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Please be careful with that old gun...Those barels are made from wire that was tightly wrapped...They are very dangerous with hi-powered loads...


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I would remove the forearm and using steel wool try to rub off the finish in a small area that will not show.(some guns were made with a damascus FINISH because people liked the look and these are ok) if it still looks like damascus then you know you DO NOT want to fire it with any shells no matter who made them. these guns were made for BLACK powder ONLY. modern shells reach peak pressure and can burst these barrels just right along side your left hand. also note the differance between high?low brass shells is the high ones hold the high pressure longer. so don't count on low brass being OK. your gun is a wall hanger unless you do come up with some black powder shells. OLD GUNS