Reloading questions


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I am looking to get into reloading as affordably as possible. I initially want to load .45 and .223, I would expand first to 9mm and the rest would be much further down the list. I am thinking about buying a Lee single stage kit. ... g-_-423081

After that I would love to get a casting set up for .45.

What is missing or wrong from this lee single stage setup?



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You will need to buy a case trimmer,calipers. To go with the kit and you should be reloading. Well you will dies lol don't think I'm missing anything


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Thanks, I actually knew bout the dies, and didnt include them for some reason, but thanks for the other tips.


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its a great idea to start with a single stage. it will always come in handy even after you progress to a progressive.

check this vid.

Dawson Precision's Reloading Room @ you


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I've never used a press mounted priming set up, seems like it would be slow. I've always used a hand held priming tool for my single stage stuff.

You'll probably want some type of case cleaner/tumbler later on. For starters you can clean cases with LemiShine or Dawn then air dry. Basically you're just knocking the dirt off to avoid damage to your dies.

I think this Lee package would work fine on any caliber you decide to load. I have several progressive units but still load rifle rounds on a single stage press.

Casting is really nice, if you have a source of lead you can almost shoot for free!


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I know this is a somewhat dated post, but wanted to know if you got into reloading or not?

I have a Lee Turret Press that uses the 4 hole turrets, this allows me to set up my dies on a turret for a specific load in a given caliber, when I am ready to switch calibers I just change turrets. I do not use the press mounted powder dispenser because I prefer a consistent weighted charge from one round to the next, my current powder dispenser is a Lyman 1200 DPS (digital dispenser with built in scale). To de-prime cases I use a Lee Hand Press.