Reloading brass shot shells?


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I don't even have a shot shell reloading press, but will have one eventually. I've seen brass shot shells such as these here and I was wondering if they're a good investment? I'm looking at them in .410 and .12 ga. It seems to me like they would be more durable but I thought I'd ask people who know more than I do.
Thank You :)


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They started selling the brass cased 410 ammo after the Judge came out. It was suspose to make the round more carry friendly than a plastic shell..

I just never heard enough about them to know if they are reloadable or not...

Wonder what it says on the boxes. Like Wolf ammo. It is stated on the box that Wolf ammo is not reloadable....



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The military used them in both World Wars.
My grandfather told me that the paper shells would swell from moisture so they went to brass cases to solve that.


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I first read about the brass cases in a post on a reloading forum so I know it is done, but it seems more popular in the higher gauges. I figure that's probably because those gauges are more popular in general. It's something to kick around right now since we don't have the reloading equipment for it. I've read about people reloading shot shells without tools but since I'm a rank beginner that seems a bit too scary to me lol.
BTW we got the .410 upper and after a fumble or two we figured out which ammo to use in the mag. It takes the federal personal defense handgun .410 rounds just fine and I'll be bringing a box with me. Guess we'll have to get another .410 to burn up the box of winchester super speeds that are too big for the mag. Shucky Darn. :D