Relo from Seattle

Hey! Found your site after searching online a ton. I just moved down to the Charleston area from Seattle, WA. Enjoyed the forums up there: and look forward to meeting you guys and gals here in the Low country (... or is it Lowcountry?)
Love to trade guns, also buying and selling with other private collectors. Currently into M&P9's, 1911's, Hi-Powers, AR's, 870's, Rem700's ... But that list changes all the time; hence the trading! :lol:
Also enjoy hobby gunsmithing, mostly parts replacement and minor fitting. Would love to learn more eventually. I also reload 45, 9mm, 308, 38/357, and just starting .223
See you on the forums,


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Welcome aboard!


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Welcome...glad you found us...

I am also a traded.. I love to trade guns almost as well as shoot them...

Oh is one word: Lowcountry...LOL



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Cool from Seattle! I was born in Tacoma, a looooooong time ago.
I went to Coos Bay Oregon in 2006. We drove from Portland down the coastal highway.
Absolutely beautiful countryside, but very different from the Lowcountry.

We have a saying here in the lowcountry, "if you have a hill you brought it in on a truck!" :lol: