Regal Cinemas Charlestowne Square 18 to dangerous to attend!


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Personally I can live with no open carry for now.
My big thing is places that do not allow concealed carry.

What do you think of a place that is so dangerous they employ off duty police officers sometimes more than one at a time.
These officers are in uniform with their cruisers out front, often they are K-9 officers.
Pretty dangerous place to need that much protection huh?
Would you think it was a bar?
Perhaps a business targeted by the Mafia?
Well no it is not, they do not serve any alcohol and most parents would think of this place as safe.
Not sort of safe, on a scale of 1 to 10 most would place it an 8 or 9.

I am talking about Regal Cinemas Charlestowne Square.
They are posted against concealed carry.
They are so FUCKING STUPID they think they are making things safer by not allowing concealed carry.
I know that was harsh, but I don't think I can say it harsh enough to get my point across completely.
They are protecting those who don't obey the law.
They are denying me the ability to defend myself.

Rather than putting myself at risk I choose to boycott them.
There are other theaters where the management does not have their head up their collective asses.
I suggest you also boycott this establishment.
Lets show our opinion with our wallets. (and be a bit safer in the process)

If you want to know more ask me when you see me or pm me, I will tell a story told to me by an employee that will curl your hair especially if you are female.


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Re: Regal Cinemas Charlestowne Square 18 to dangerous to att

Regal Cinemas Columbiana Grande Stadium 14 here by Harbison is non compliant in regards to posting. The one sign is posted too high and not at the 2 entrances. We carry there.

Per state law the signs have to be at all entrances. Are they at yours?


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Re: Regal Cinemas Charlestowne Square 18 to dangerous to att

I've noticed lately all the theaters have cops there in the evenings. I think it's because cars sit there untended for a couple hours. They don't seem to do a whole lot of good, someone hit and ran our van a couple years back right in front of the door and no one noticed.


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Re: Regal Cinemas Charlestowne Square 18 to dangerous to att

I have never seen a movie theater that had metal detectors. My life and habits exist unaffected by the arbitrary, illegal and recklessly idiotic policies of corporate entities that hold no dominion over me.

If an entity wishes to disarm you then they must take over your sovereign obligation of self defense. I flatly refuse to entrust others with the most valuable posession I own.