redfield or nikon?


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So I'm finally getting some glass for the grendel AR with a giftcard for dicks. It's between a redfield 3x9x40 accu-range and a nikon p-223 3x9x40 bdc. I'm leaning towards the redfield, but would like anyones opinion before i decide.


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Nikon, but for only one reason... Redfield has been under 2 or 3 different owners in the last few years and they stopped honoring the original warranties from their old product lines.

If you're seeing no difference in quality, and the prices are close, the New Redfield Manufacturing just hasn't been out long enough to see if they are up to par vs old Redfield. Nikon has been a good, consistent go-to vendor during that same period.

Its not a BIG mark against them, just more of something I'd have to consider during my purchase. I have a very favorable opinion of old redfield equipment, especially their rings and mounts/accessories. hopefully the new guard is trying to make up for those past hiccups.



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Nikon, because I have one and I like it. Not the same model; mine is probably a lower end even - "Buckmaster" 3-9x40. Good clarity and construction, but I mostly chose it for what I call "easy" eye relief, meaning it's quick on target and not much eclipsing. Can't say anything about Redfield; never touched one.

For scopes, I never buy without looking through it, so no mail order for me.


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Nikon has the most clarity.
I once had a problem with a RF 3x9 that had a loose errector screw. They fixed it and sent it back but I never trusted it anymore. eventually the accuracy went south again so I just trashed it and bought something else.
Nikno also makes the Buck master scopes. Man, the one my dad has is very clear.
I have a Nikon on an M4 and I like it alot.


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Have you considered a Leupold VX-1?

The Nikon is in the ~$200 price range. The Redfield is around $110 and represents the budget line associated with Leupold. It is kind of apples to oranges -- the redfield is around half the price! For around $200 you can get into a genuine Leupold VX-1 with all the made-in-America and lifetime warranty goodness thereof.

There are other good product lines out there other than Leupold. But I've never been disappointed by anything from Leupold, either. I like their VX-II line as a balance between quality and price but the VX-1 and even rifleman series are very serviceable too!