Recomendation for a Stun Gun


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My sister-in-law wants a stun gun.
Which one should she get.
I am thinking "knock their dick in the dirt" power.

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I am a taser master instructor since 2006. I am one of a select few hundred in the country. I also am a instructor for the civilian models. Taser Int. has managed to put the same technology as the Law enforcement X26 in to an affordable model for regular not rich people to afford. DO NOT JUST BUY ANY ORDINARY stun gun. Get the only one that causes neuromuscular incapacitation. That would be the Taser Int C2 model. They start about $330 and go up from there. My wife has one. The design behind the device is to incapacitate the subject for up to 30 secs while you set it on the ground and run for help. When you call the police and get a report they will replace the taser free of charge if the attacker takes it. The only downside is now the criminal has a taser to use on his next victim. If they could figure out how to keep this from happening it would be great.


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after several attacks on women here in Spartanburg county our sherriff went on the news and said "dont go for the pepper spray, dont go for the taser, i want you to buy a gun and get a permit. the justise system has let us down."
one guy had been convicted more than 30 times, for various offenses, and was on the street. now there are "fake" cops pulling people over. the first woman was raped, second got away and a man was hurt but got away. they are telling people not to pull over for blue lights until you call 911 and ask if it is a real cop.
i recomend a bullet firing device.


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While I too would prefer a bullet flinging device, I certainly understand that some people simply aren't prepared to shoot, even to protect their own lives.


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For some people a gun isn't an option. My wife is a teacher, so she cannot even have on in her car. So if she cant carry at work (even in the car), then she can't carry to work, or from work, or anywhere else along the way. That includes trips to the grocery, pharmacy, etc.

Taser is a hell of a lot better than the ole key between the knuckles gimmick.