Rear Pocket carry


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Can someone recommend a good rear pocket holster for a DB380?

I have been front pocket carrying it in my warmer weather pants, but my jeans pockets are too tight.

I'd like to get something that can disguise the shape and shroud the trigger.



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I think it's time to look at some cargo pants. Tight clothes makes for hard CC. Printing, lob sided or cause chaffing or soars.


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I second what Brasilian said. I've tried it with a Titan 25 I have and its still noticeable.


I do it on occasion with my Kahr P380, but I don't use a holster for it and I have to be careful to keep the top of my pocket closed because the gun's not but about 1/4" shorter than my pocket is deep


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Not bad although 50 bucks seem a little steep. Two things come to mind tho. How fast would you be able to access it and How comfortable is it gonna be.