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So I'm watching some Police Women of Boward County, mainly just surfing the internet with background noise, but it caught my attention.

They pulled over 4 black guys, relatively young, about my age- ie under 30.

So they are carrying, but they take the guns and run them- legit, run the car- legit, run their IDs- legit. That should be it right, they were in depth and took care of it all.-........but for some reason this chick thinks she needs to teach them a lesson- what the hell?

They are citizens! Following the law! Crazy.

So as she's driving away, the dumb broad says, "At least now we know who is riding dirty, so I know who to look out for now."

What the hell is wrong with these idiots?


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Stuff like that gets my blood pressure up. I'm thankful I'm not alone in that.

I know "reality" TV is scripted, anyway. At least I hope, for the sake of humanity. If that "reality" stuff isn't ALL scripted, then "it's" waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy worse than I thought.

Anyway, real or fake, when I see or hear about something like that, my blood boils and my wife and I start ranting.

It seems us true 2nd amendment supporters are the most freedom fighting, open minded, people in this country. Most of people on this forum seem to have the freedom mentality, I am thankful for that.

It truly infuriates me to see people being oppressed. In my opinion, the sad part is more than half the population of the United States doesn't even know there rights or know they are being oppressed. These "sheeple" just go about living there daily lives, not lifting a finger to fight back, because they don't even know. They think the "Government" is here to protect us and is always right.

Ahhhhh, see, I get worked up just thinking about getting worked up....

/RANT and babbling


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if you REALLY want to get your blood pressure up, go to officer.com

it's beyond scary to see what some of these cops really think and feel when it comes to citizen's rights. Out of the 70+ posters, I only saw 3 who believed in the Constitution, and only 1 was actually a cop. The rest seem to believe they are some sort of all powerful, all immune, big brother militia!