Range trip 1/28/11


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Nov 17, 2010
Anderson, SC
As some of you might have seen in the range sticky, my father, the wife, and I went to the Philson's Crossroads range by Clinton, SC again. It's basically the only free shooting range where you can shoot almost any kind of firearm you want without anyone hassling you.

I shot 50 more rounds of Blazer FMJ through the 1911, then put about 50 rounds of Winchester JHP through it. The gun ate it up, mostly. I had 3 failure to feeds on some of the last rounds of the JHP, but saw that the gun was FILTHY. It seems this last box of Blazer ammo was a bit dirtier than the last, or it could have been the some of the Winchester ammo that was dirty, I wasn't paying attention. I cleaned the ramp and it fed the rest of the ammo flawlessly. I did some 20+ yard tests with the 1911 compact on empty 50rd ammo boxes. I would hit one and it would fly back further, and I would hit it again, etc. So there is no telling how far it was, 30+ yards I am guessing. I was very surprised by the accuracy and quality of my RIA compact 1911! Your miliage may very with one, but mine seems to be a keeper.

Here are some vids from the trip, taken with a cell phone, so it's bad quality: