Range day with my boy


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I took my son out to shoot today on some private land we lease. It was a great place to take him because we didn't have to worry about other shooters. We also were able to use a variety of targets, in this picture you can see some balloons and steel plates. We also were able to shoot skeet. It was a great day! I put red KoolAid or flour in the balloons so that they would look like a puff of smoke or spurting blood when hit - kind of gross but he loved it!!


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Sounds like a great day....Guns and your son....I love it.

Glad to see you passing your love for guns and shooting on to another generation...



What were you shooting with? .22's?

My first gun was a .410 shotgun from my Grandpa.
He had to cut the stock down a couple of inches to a "youth" size so I could shoulder it.

I have it here at the house. The trigger is a soft as a baby's butt!



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We did shoot a lot of .22LR and 9mm, we also shot some .22mag, .380. We shot a little over 100 rounds from the shotguns - 75+ through the 12ga and a little over a box of 20ga.

My 12 year old son hit several skeet with the 12ga & he prefers to shoot it over the 20ga!