Raging Judge


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I picked up the Arnold version of the judge. tried it before I bought it, and am somewhat dissappointed with 454 casull. I found the recoil to be very manageable, out of a 3in. barrel. I was expecting the recoil to earth shattering after hearing and reading all the horror stories, maybe it's just the weight I don't know. .410 3" 000 buck did a nice job @15 yrds. all pellets were inside 7" circle of point of aim. The 454's, I couldn't say where they went, I shot them too fast as I was still ticked about working July 4th. I shot it on ATP's range, and after 2rds of 454 a couple of yahoo's packed it up. (gotta luv it). Haven't shot .45 Colt yet but might tomorrow.

Anybody else got any of these?


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Do they produce a raging judge in .410? I was thinking that the raging judge was the new one they came out with in 28ga. I could be mistaken and they are producing it both variations.

http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/the-tau ... -revolver/

I was thinking that the 454 was a slower, lower pressure round like .45ACP. This could be the reason there is not as much felt recoil, that in combination of the size of the gun itself.


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The Raging Judge is chambered for the .454 / .45LC / .410 . Built on the large frame with six round capacity.

It is in the Taurus catalogue as the Model 513. Yes, it is disgustingly large, and heavy. It does make one very uneasy when it is presented. (LOL). This is the first I've heard of a 28 ga. version, though. That would truly be sick.


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Wal-Mart has em for @ $450 to $500. they are nice, however Taurus need to make one chambered for the 45LC, 410 (3"), and 454 casull before I buy one.


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44lover said:
Wal-Mart has em for @ $450 to $500. they are nice, however Taurus need to make one chambered for the 45LC, 410 (3"), and 454 casull before I buy one.

The description, specs, MSRP and photos of the Taurus Raging Judge revolvers, including the 28 GA. model. Plus user ratings and comments!

Manufacturer?s Description

Taurus? Raging Judge revolvers are chambered in .454 Casull, .410, .45 LC, or 28 GA. They are built on a steel frame or alloy frame with a 3? or 6? barrel. Other features include:

The alloy model.

A six-round cylinder (the alloy framed model holds seven);
rubber grips with a red ?Raging Bull? backstrap for added cushioning;
the key-based Taurus Security System;
a blue or matte stainless finish; and
a high visibility fiber-optic front sight.

The Specs
Frame Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Weight
steel .45 LC, .454 Casull, .410 6 n/a 6? 72.7 oz.
steel .45 LC, .454 Casull, .410 6 n/a 3? 60.6 oz.
alloy .45 LC, .410 7 n/a 3? 41.4 oz.
steel 28 GA. 6 13.75? 6.5? 67 oz.

MSRP: $936