Glock Race Glock


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Have any of y'all built a Race Glock?
I have some questions I would really like to ask.
I would welcome all information and opinions.

I am not looking to build a full blown $3000 race gun to compete with.
I am looking to build a nice toy.
I want it to run well.

The things I am looking at doing to my Glock 34.

Lone Wolf internally ported (4port) barrel.
Lone Wolf Pro-Pick trigger kit
Heavy ICE Mag Well
Blade-Tech Holster

Extended Guide Rod
What brand?
What Material?
Captured or non-captured?

Have no clue regarding sights
Upgraded fixed?
Upgraded adjustable?


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MCRC hosted a regional GSSF meet last summer. I was one of the range officers. That would have been a great place for you. I think we are doing it again this year.

HHB Guns

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I Sell and love Glockworks by Zev Technologies. Their trigger kits are amazing and I love their captured 14lb recoil spring on a tungsten rod. Something well worth looking at.

HHB Guns

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Also My friend has a 34 and he has the tactical heine black iron sights and I couldnt believe the groups I was shooting at 25 yards and how fast I was getting back on target.