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Okay, I was reloading some .45 acp lead semiwadcutters tonight, picture below in case I have the wrong term for them. I have a 3 die set where the last die presses the bullet and crimps it down. My lee manual says that the max COL is 1.275 so that's what I was loading them to. When I tried them in my 1911 it wouldn't go into battery because they're too long. I looked up the info on the hodgdon website and it says they're supposed to be 1.225"
Can I just adjust the die for the length and press them in further or do I need to pull the bullets?




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Just reset them to the COL you need.Shouldn't have to recrimp . I have some the same way. They work fine in the Springfield but not the 1911.


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IMO those are really more suited for revolvers, From experience I never use semi wad cutters in my 45's or any auto for that matter to many FTF issues. Personally I use lead round nose like these.

Seeing that you've already crimped them be careful resetting cause you could easily compress the case.


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if your going to shoot semi-wadcutters in an semi-auto you have to polish the feed ramp(most of time) i have seen some that would feed semi-wad cutters from the factory. back to the op just don't go below the min col and you will be fine


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i can shoot 185 gr in my 45s and my comp gun shoots 155 gr semis. they cant be loaded without being to short but they work. the 155s with 10 grs of ( been so long i forgot) #5?, 296?, make the comp work great.