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Does anyone have any tips, experience and/or advice on how to breastfeed without exposing your gun? I'm not planning to feed in public; usually I try to find a private place, but in the event that I can't I want to have a plan. I am using a moby wrap, which I can tie over my gun and holster, but this reduces its availability so it's not my favorite back up plan.


Persuade the SC Legislature and Governor to pass constitutional carry, then proceed to open carry. Then you wouldn't have to worry about hiding your Glock.


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I had several tops that had elastic around the neckline and were wide enough to get the job done from the top down, so to speak. I did have to use a cover and there was a higher risk of accidental exposure but I think during my years of nursing I only had that happen three or four times. If you use a larger blanket or shawl and arrange the excess you should be able to catch things before the baby pulls it off. Usually :)
When it gets a bit cooler and you can wear another shirt over you might think about something like wearing a men's tank top style undershirt with (wifebeaters are what I grew up calling them) under a button down, and then accessing through the arm hole. Baby and gun would stay under cover especially if the last button or so were left done up.
If you get stuck when you're in a t-shirt or a sweat shirt (I don't even want to think of one today!) or with a baby who insists that he needs to see everything, you might think of stepping into the restroom and slipping your weapon into the diaper bag and then stepping back in to replace it when you're finished, or even strategic placement of the diaper bag can be effective.


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Thanks for the link Dave!

Enjay, those are some great tips! I've only been at this for...(oh wow, 4 weeks?! Really?) Lol, & only been in public twice when I needed to feed him, and thankfully there was a backroom I could use. Being at the house most of the time I haven't needed to experiment, but when I do go out I'm going to try some of the stuff you mentioned. Having no luck with a nursing cover so far; short of tying it to my neck I can't get the dang thing to stay up, lol!


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You're very welcome. Nursing outfits should be ideal for concealment with hidden zippers and movable panels. If you find some good ideas that would apply to male concealed carry with the appropriate styling changes, let me know. We have too many occasions when we have to be buttoned down making access more difficult and slower.