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Nov 2, 2011
i Have a PSE X-Force 6.the Bow is set at 29 inches with 70 pounds of draw weight and is mossy oak break up in color. Has a octane hostage rest. Has G5 optix le sights on it (5 pin sight) and a alpine stabalizer along with an alpine quiver which holds 5 arrows. I have a half dozen arrows to go with the bow. Has a mathews dead stop string stop on it. Has newer string on it with peep kisser and whiskers. very fast bow(346 ibo speed) bow can be adjusted from 50 to 70 pounds. Nothing is wrong with the bow selling due to a shoulder injury that prevents me from pulling the bow back. I am looking to get 600$ obro i will accept trades. I can text pictures to you if you would like.(just pm me your number)