Primary Arms Optics


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SO I am getting ready to buy a red dot for my new AR15 and I have been looking at primary arms. I am liking the Micro dot. I was wondering if any one has it ir has the aimpoint one. How is the sight picture. From the pictures is looks a lot smaller than the 30mm truglo I have on my Hi-Point Carbine.

I know some people will tell me to go with Eotech or aimpoint, but I can not afford that. Well really I can afford it, I have the money, but I also have a wife that won't let me buy it lol.

any info on the micro style red dots would be great. And also does anyone know of some where that sells Aimpoint locally, I have looked at trader world, ATP and East Coast, none of them have the Micro style ones..




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I picked up a few of the Konus brand red dots (another micro-dot knock off) and put them on a Mini-14, M1 carbine, M1 Garand, MP-22, and a 10/22. Whats crazy is, one broke on the 10/22, but the rest have been great. I am only guessing, but I bet most of these aimpoint clones (Primary Arms, SIg, Konus, etc) are coming from the same factories.