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I was talking to GZR telling him I would like to see a price watch where members can post online deals and such.
For example AKs who has the best deal on a high cap Romanian?
Who currently has sales running locally???

He said there are a couple of sections with no activity and if there is interest he would re-purpose one.


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good idea....Like now...My friend Chuck at East Coast Powersports has a sale going on...He has new...basic DPMS's AR-15's for $699.00....for an entry level AR...this is a great deal and would be great to put in the new section...



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Good idea!

lafayette gregory said:
Anybody found any AK kits with barrels on the cheep?
Itching to build that receiver huh. I have decided to make a hybrid of sorts with mine i just have to find out if a rpd barrel will fit a Romy trunnion.


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I've got a Milled Yugo underfolder kit I would like to let go of. It is a milled kit. You can build it one of two ways.

The first is to buy the reweld section from Wiselite Arms. It is basicly the receiver without the ends. You just weld the ends in the kit to the repair section.

The other is to buy a Yugo underfolder stamped receiver and trim the sections in the kit into "trunions" and go from there.