President comments on Gun Control

I read that earlier and immediately thought of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Obama had great mentors when it comes to banning guns without Congressional input.

What legislation bans import of Chinese military items (ammo, parts, uniforms, guns, knives, etc)?
What legislation bans import of rifle barrels?

Hell, with Bush v 2.0's executive order(s) banning import of Chinese military items, under the auspices of "human rights violations" that the US can't tolerate, the US was buying Chinese AKs, magazines and ammuntion, hand-over-fist, to supply our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, Chinese guns and ammo are illegal for me and you to buy, because it supports human rights abuse, but not for the government.

Did we forget that the Bush administration also filed an amicus brief AGAINST the 2nd Amendment during the Heller vs DC case, arguing that the 2nd Amendment was NOT a civil right, but was a government right?

The difference with a Democrat making a frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment and a Republican making a sneak attack isn't really a "difference" in my book, since they both have identical results. Obama has learned to be sneaky to ban guns, a behavior clearly learned from his Republican predecessors.

We are frogs in a pot being brought to boil. In 1994 the cooks turned the heat up too quickly and they had to deal with the resulting anger. They've learned from their mistake. Look for it from the Republican that replaces Obama. It will never end.
Schultz said:
Avtomat-Acolyte your quick to "Blame Bush" Lets not forget what Clinton a Dem did.
I was merely trying to head-off the "Democrats are anti-gun so let's vote in a Republican!" nonsense I figured would rear it's ignorant head.

Republicans have assaulted the 2nd Amendment just as much as Democrats. I don't make any illusions about the goals of Democrats, with respect to guns. I find it deliberately obtuse for others to do the same about Republicans.

Face it, folks. Democrats and Republicans want to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is an offensive threat to politicians.

Remember the good 'ole days of back when all that was needed to keep you from legally owning a gun was a felony conviction? Those days are long gone and now misdemeanors will suffice in some instances. How much further are we going to allow our rights to be abrogated, dissolved and blatantly "abridged" before we pull our collective heads out of the sand and acknowledge that, just because the lion hasn't made eye contact, it is still coming to kill you?

Midnight Raver

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Democrats have done far more damage to gun laws on a state level as opposed to what Republicans have done on a nationwide level. :idea:
Midnight Raver said:
Democrats have done far more damage to gun laws on a state level as opposed to what Republicans have done on a nationwide level. :idea:
They both write, sponsor, sign and vote for it at the national level. There isn't a national gun law that has passed without the support of Republicans.

One part doesn't unilaterally run Congress. They work hand-in-hand.

Midnight Raver

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If our state was even close to par on the national level, it could actually be somewhat nice(and safe here). However, the laws here are so draconian that they vary greatly for every town and city. It is literally like playing hopscotch with the gun laws here in Moscowchusetts!!!