Prepping house for sale


So I have taken the political signs out of my yard and stored my firearms and ammo at my parents house(except for my carry gun).

What other tips would ya'll recommend to get a good price and quick sale in this market.


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Take down personal photos, Thin out the nick nacks, beds made and keep everything tidy. The reason I say that is when folks look at a house they try to envision what their stuff would look like in the rooms.


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If you have any pets, get them out of the house. Some people wal into a house where a dog or cat has been, and juat turn around and walk out...
even if they have pets, they don't want to live with someonelse's pet smells...

Also, this is the time to really cut back those shrubs. People want to look at the house, not bushes. Also, if it needs it, a coat of paint on the outside trim can't hurt...Some work, little cost, lots of curb appeal.....



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Minimize everything put it in storage. Fresh paint if yours is dull. Cut grass, clean windows, dust, vacuum...

And good luck. Still not a great time to sell.


Thanks for your tips, I have done most of those things, but I think I might let my dogs go live with my dad for a while. My storage unit is full, my walls are being painted this week, and I have a little bit of ladscaping to work on, but I think I'm going to be on the market by next weekend.

Luckily My neighborhood hasn't really dropped in value, hopefully it will sell quickly. I want to move on up in size while the markets are a bit depressed.

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I moved and shadowed your thread to a couple of sections here. Maybe some members or guests are in the market and you will possibly get more bites that way. :idea:

Good luck mcdaniel! ;)


beautiful home!

I tried to clean up the first link and ended up reposting the one in your second posting.

I have one built in 1953. I'm currently working on it to sell. I expect to have it done about the time the market comes back.
Good move to change houses now. The interest rates are as good as they'll get again inour lifetime and it's a buyer's market.