Preparing for hurricane season


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Well, hurricane season is right around the corner. I just bought my first house, so I'm wanting to be sure I'm prepared.

Do you consider chain saws, rope, chains as requirements for preparing for that?

I almost feel that the appropriate amount of water, and food is important as - Lowes/Home Depot will be there when I need to get there.

Just something interesting to thing about it as the weekend gets a bit colder...and the humidity is around the corner.


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Generator. Wired into your house if you can. I’ll tie mine in after we move in a couple months. Extra fuel cans. I have a nice little electric chainsaw I can run from the genny.
I usually start buying extra water around this time, and canned/dry goods. Usually stuff that we’ll use for meals once the season is over. All the way up in Moncks Corner, I’m not evacuating anywhere. I don’t go crazy with it like a lot of people do, but we try to be prepared.


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extra fuel,candles,food and water, chain saw is a must with rope I live in the woods LOL lots of big trees