Posting Pictures Question

I've used ImageShack for a little while now mainly to share my travel pics with friends and family that don't or won't travel.

My gun pics are normally as high a resolution as my camera can take. If these are already posted and way too large to post on this or another forum, is there a way to resize from the ImageShack site to post? I know that I can use ImageShrink or some other image editing program to resize them and then upload to ImageShack. I'm looking to do it from already posted too large pictures.

Midnight Raver

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Personally, I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to shrink my photos down to a proper size for Forum use. About 700-750 wide is best for general viewing. After that is when I use Imageshack to upload and post pics. ;)

Any one else know of different photo edit methods? Add them here, every bit of intel for the masses helps! :cool:


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Personally I've had a lot of problems with imageshack mainly due to how slow it is. I use photobucket which has an image resizer.


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The imageshack toolbar is great.
I use it all the time.

I think what he is trying to do is re-size them without downloading and re-uploading them.