Posting Pictures in the Forum


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This is not the only way but it is how I do it

Personally I like the ImageShack Toolbar but it can be done manually.

Pictures should not be larger than 800x600

To upload manually
go to
Click Browse
Select File
Click open
Click Upload now
After upload
Find Forum Code
Copy then paste into your message
You can sometimes leave it all.
You can cut out everything but what is between the first set of leave this part [img] which is what I always do.
Be sure to hit preview as sometimes the picture does not show up.
You can copy the direct link, paste it into the message, highlight it and hit the Img button.

Midnight Raver

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Thanks for mentioning that Frost. I have been meaning to let the Forum know on behalf of the Admins about picture size as well. It just makes it easier for everyone to see the nice firearms pics and whatnot that way. ;)


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this method works perty painlessly.
Remember, however, anything you post here goes into the "public domain".
anyone can find it through a google search and use it from now on so don't post thos pictures of your ex girlfriend, unless you're truly done with her.

With my luck things would work out, we'd get married and years later our young son would find them in a google search for "porn" AND "Wish I hadn't done that!"