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Powder: 22.5gr Alliant Reloader 10x
Primer: CCI Small Rifle Primer #400
Bullet: 55gr Hornady FMJ
OAL: 2.224"
Velocity: 3159fps

Disclaimer: This load works very well in a 16" barrel AR. It has been tested by me, but as with ANY handload, verify the charge with manuals and/or online reference, and work up to it to ensure it is not too hot for your personal application. Use at your own risk.


No one else wants to contribute? I know there are reloaders on this site. Why the secret squirrel behavior?

Anyways, here's a great Varmint load for .223:

Powder: 23.5gr Reloder 10x by Alliant Powder
Primer: CCI Small Rifle Primer #400
Bullet: 50gr Hornady V-Max
OAL: 2.240"

This is around 3250fps.


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i get powder 8 lbs at a time.

2230 22.5 gr 55gr fmjbt

844 reclaimed 22.5 55gr fmjbt

primers are what i can get. last buy was 5000 Wolf small rifle mag.
before that was tulla small rifle.

i dont have a crono but when ive used Andys i was using a 10.5 in bbl so i think they were, well i just dont remember.

at 22/23 gr 8 lbs of powder will load over 2500 rds.

844 - 25.5 gr
Hornady 55 FMJ + cannalure with just a smidge of crimp
CCI 400 (or whatever)

Book Max on this is around 27gr - this load is about 223 velocity I think - POI stays the same anyway


Varget - 44.4 gr
Hornady 168 Amax


Caliber: 5.56 / 223
Gun: M16 with 11.5? upper
Bullet: 55 FMJ (pulled surplus)
Powder: 24.9 grains of H335
Primer: pulled SR primers
Crimp: Lee FCD
FPS: 2501, 2450, 2525


11B3XCIB said:
Clicker, that velocity seems a little low. Is that due to the 11.5" barrel?
Yeah the short barrel along with mangled (slightly oval) pulled projectiles probably accounts for the low numbers.
The Lee FCD serves as a crimper and a bullet sizer in this case!


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My GO-TO Do it all load...
Great for target shooting, deer, pigs and tactical applications. Mimics the original Red Box Hornady TAP 168.
Hornady 168 gr AMAX sorted
FC Brass 51.18mm
CCI BR primers
42.00 IMR4895
72mm OAL
I have used on deer up to about 200 pounds and out to 300+ yards with perfect results, IE they pick up thier feet and drop onto thier belly. Of course thats with neck shots.


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Cohiba said:
My GO-TO Do it all load...
Great for target shooting, deer, pigs and tactical applications. Mimics the original Red Box Hornady TAP 168.
Hornady 168 gr AMAX sorted
I'm assuming you mean a .308/7.62 Nato load. You didn't mention caliber.

I would have had info on four 6.8SPC loads today if I hadn't hit the damn chrony with a flyer from my .22 when checking alignment. Chrony not broken, just needed to be rejiggered at home apparently. But no fps data on my 6.8.


Hornady 150gr SP
IMR 4895 46.7 grs
WW lg rifle primers
Speed unknown but it gets there faster than I can see
Recoil is tolerable and accuracy it better than one can expect from a 50 yr old rifle and older eyes


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8x57 js (.323 bullet)

46.0 gr Benchmark
196 gr Milsurp pulled FMJ
CCI Large Rifle Primers
Israeli brass (supposedly for a sniper rifle or dmr)
~2850 out of a 23" barrel.

I don't have OAL written down anywhere but I was duplicating Yugo surplus military.

Recoil in a Yugo M24/47 with a recoil pad is between commercial loadings (weak) and Turk military (holy cow). With irons, minute of pie plate at 100 yards. This load *does* have enough oomph to crack aluminum scope mounts, hence the lack of better accuracy data. However, with the iron sights, it it is man-sized or larger and I can see it, I can hit it.


.308 Winchester
45.0gr Alliant 2000-MR (Medium Rifle)
CCI Large Rifle Primer
168gr Nosler Competition BTHP
2.815" OAL

When I was getting the charge just right, I repeated the below group several times...this was the largest of the bunch at 100 yards once I found the right combo. .676"-.3" = .376".... I'd say that's sub MOA...

And yes, I have since zeroed the rifle so I'm not hitting 3" high and 1" left of the point of aim.