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Now someone find me a fixed stock high cap Romanian AK for under $300


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Sadly the $300 AK deals are gone i think, But you can still get kits for a little under that. And i have the jig's to bend and rivet them. ;)


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I'm not sure if it can be done but it would be nice. I'll probably pick up a Egyptian since they seem to be the cheapest right now and then sell it and put the money towards a RPK build.
Apex just got some Romanian M63 kits in. I bought one in 08 and it was very nice. Did the battlefield pickup build. I ordered another one because I'm weak. Good deal these days at $250 with original barrel.


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I'm working on a battlefield pickup type with this build along with it being a mix-master RPK. :lol:


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Got a question about AK's and you guys sound like you know them....

I have seen a single stacked mag. AR for $300.00...and, I have heard all you have to do is to hog out the mag slot and you can use high cap. mags..

Have anyone of you guys done this...

If this is possible, the day of the $300.00 AK is still here...