Poor man's GPS


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With the thread about the GPS in the General forum, thought I would ask what you use for your back-up?? Me personally, I like stand-alone gps units and the IPhone stuff is cool too, but they are bound to fail at some poing. In all my years in the Army i've made sure to collest a few items that will keep me on track. First is my Lensatic Compass. Tritium inside for night navigation, can't go wrong. Next of course are the Pace-count beads (or Ranger Beads as some like to call them). If you know your pace count these are awesome for being so simple. With these, if you have a map and a landmark you will never be lost.....well, most of you. :D Map reading and land nav have always been some of my favorite subject in the Army. I've also accumulated a nice assortment of 1:50,000 scale maps but most cover military bases so wont help much in open country. Maybe we should set-up a land nav course in the forest and do some trainin'.




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I keep a good compass in my back pack at all times. Learned to use one many years ago and think all outdoors people should have a basic knowledge of how to use one and also how to read a map....among other things.