Black Rifles POF 308


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Great first post...I love gun porn...

Please put a post in new members, and let everyone welcome you....

We enjoy that...

By the way...welcome.



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Came that way- that is their high speed low drag NP3 coating.

"NP3? is a combination of a nickel alloy plating combined with
Polytetrafluoethylene aka Teflon. The plating components with
electroless or autocatalytic nickel is one of the most rapidly
developing metal finishing processes. The advantages of coating
uniformity, corrosion resistance and hardness are providing designers
with opportunities to protect and improve base materials in ways that
were not previously possible."


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Yes, love it, by far my favorite rifle. Just sold a PTR 91 on Gunbroker, now I think I should have listed it on here first. Oh well.


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I had seen these guys at the NRA gun show and all their guns looked top notch. New they seemed a little pricey but I am sure if we could shoot we would understand. Gun looks awesome hope it runs that way too..