PMC Bronze


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So I went to the range today to break in my new S&W Bodyguard and had 2 boxes of the PMC Bronze target fodder and I was surprised to have over 15 FTF in 100 rounds. I thought it might be the newness of the gun but I grabbed my wife's BG 380 and hers did the same thing with the ammo. Anyone ever ran across this before(to this extreme) or could it be the guns?
I've read several posts, similar to this, lately. I can't cite my source on this, as I don't remember where I saw these posts. I do remember it wasn't gun specific. Posters were complaining about malfunctions with the ammo in Glocks, 1911, etc.

Did you have any other ammo to try to make sure it wasn't the guns. Some of the small pocket guns just don't like certain brands of ammo. Just look at the Diamondbacks. In most reviews I read, the reviews state they can only run premium in them due to failures running the "cheaper" stuff.
I know with my BG, it was fairly finicky about what it would run without any issues

I found a guy in Cali (of all places) that produces ammo...and his 100gr target stuff would run 100% in my BG

I don't recall any of the other stuff that ran good, and i've since traded away the BG