pm wanted more info.

I received a pm asking me to post more info. on my business etc. so I will. My business - is online only and sells gun accessories and shooting supplies.
I like to say if you can hang it on a gun, I have it (scopes, lights, lasers, red dot sights, bipods, spotting scopes, binoculars, gun cases, scabbards. range bags/mats etc). I will be continually adding more lines to the site. As of now, there are about 300 items listed. I am located in North Carolina, love hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, etc.
I am a conservative and proud of it! If I knew my time was about up and could have one last experience added to my "life list " I would be in Africa standing face to face with a charging cape buffalo - kill or be killed! You never feel so alive as when you are staring the possibility of death in the face!
I was also asked to put something in the for sale/deals section. I will do this later this month. Thanks for the interest. Oh yeah, if interested, please check out my blog at - I am also on Facebook under ( and my personal page is under (Ted Snow ). Didn't mean to make this a commercial - seems one thing leads to another. Thanks folks !


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Thanks, Tactical Ted. A commercial was kinda what I was requesting. I'm always shopping around for goodies, so it's always good to put a personality with a Web site. I browsed your site, and it looks like you have a pretty good selection. I also really enjoyed reading the articles on your blog. "Plus One" on giving me the RSS option to subscribe. Keep up the good work. I will keep an eye out for your deals.
Thanks, I'll try to make a deal that is worth your while. By the way, if anyone has n idea for improving the website I am always open to suggestions.


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Wait, did someone say a deal? Where?? ;) I really hope it will be something I can use with my limited collection.