Plum finish anyone?


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While cruising around ARFCOM I found this thread and figured I'd give it a try. I had picked up a Bulgarian AK74 stock a while back stock that was roughly painted brown and would be a good test subject for this. I will say at this point that the biggest part of this job is gonna be the drying time.

Here's what i used for the test it's pretty much along the same lines as the posted thread.

I did have a pic of the stripper usage but this goofy computer has made it disappear, You guys know how it works anyways. What i did different here was after the stripper had worked and was wiped off I used #0 steel wool to remove what little hadn't come off the first time. With that done I used a product called awesome cleaner which can be had at Dollar General sprayed the pieces down and used the steel wool again washed with warm water and let them sit and dry for 24 hours.
Ok the fun part. After finding the liquid wine colored rit dye at Wally World I applied it with a rag being generous with the initial application and then wiping off the excess. For me one coat did it however a second coat would have made it darker at least it did with a test piece of wood I did first. After letting them dry for 24 hours here is the result.

Almost done. I have used spray polyurethane on other projects but never on gun stocks so I'm hoping this turns out as good as those did. With fast drying spray poly you have to re-coat within two hours otherwise you have to wait 72 hours. I did 3 thin coats which I think is enough for me and let them dry the minimum 72 hours per the instructions. Overall I'm real pleased with this method and give a special thanks to the OP of the ARFCOM thread. Now all i need is a Bulgy AK74 to put these on, Whatcha think?



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Looks Good. I didn't figure you could put the clear coat over the Rit dye...that is kool....

It should look real good on the gun...


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Nice finish! I never thought of using Ritz to stain wood. It might be interesting to try different colors on some scrap wood. There might be a surprising outcome...


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After the 24 hour drying time it's on there although i don't think i would brush the poly on the spray is ideal. Red Hat I have another stock for my Maadi that I'm gonna try in a different color and see what happens. It's a laminated one so it should be interesting.


the wood looks very good. I like the way the grain stands out. it has a "clean" look to it.
I wonder how the Rit Dye would react to a couple coats of Tung oil?
it might wash it out of the wood?

I suppose one could do this technique with any color of Dye, even a custom mix.

Very very nice.



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Pops I was thinking the same thing. The dye soaks it fairly well and once it's dry I think it would be ok. If you look on the second page of the thread link i posted a guy used Danish Oil, Also on the third page BLO was used on one. Both look real good IMO.