Pls give Feedback to Starbucks HERE!


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Dec 15, 2009
This is a Starbucks Corporate Information link to which you may offer responsible feedback for Their Support of Local Laws re: Our 2A Right. Understand that Starbucks' stated Corporate Policy is Not 'pro-gun', but 'pro-individual rights' as local laws abide, and thus they do not give way to those groups whose intent is to infringe same; meaning ALL their targeted social policies are not necessarily agreeable to EVERYONE, myself included--- but in regards to 2A, we agree. Starbucks needs to know we agree on 2A, and We vote with our voices, our votes and our Dollars.

If you offer feedback, may I suggest scrolling the topmost tab to " Corporate Social Responsibility " as your venue for voicing appreciation and 'new customer status'--- for while 'Customer Service' comments are passed down, 'Social Responsibility' topics are discussed in the BoardRoom. ... ation-form


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Jan 7, 2012
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After giving feedback to Starbucks, they sent me a reply. Well how bout that... (message below)

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your feedback regarding Starbucks' policy on open carry laws.

At Starbucks, we deeply respect the views of our customers and recognize that there is significant and genuine passion surrounding the issue of open carry weapons laws. We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve. Our long-standing approach to this issue remains unchanged and we abide by the laws that permit open carry in 43 U.S. states. Where these laws don't exist, openly carrying weapons in our stores is prohibited.

As the public debate around this issue continues, we encourage customers and advocacy groups from both sides to share their input with their public officials. We are extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence in our society and believe that supporting local laws is the right way for us to ensure a safe environment for both partners and customers.


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