PLEASE Read this before posting ads here

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Sep 25, 2009
Please read the following before posting ads here.

1. By accessing this forum you acknowledge Palmetto Shooters Forum assumes no liability whatsoever for any and all transactions.
This forum shall be held harmless for any and all mistakes made by its members.
All state and federal laws apply, you are responsible for compliance with these laws.
This forum provides no legal advice.
If you need a definitive answer remember to check with state and local authorities.

2. Do not mess up other people's ad posts.
Let me be totally clear:
DO NOT post crap replies to other people's ad messages.
This is not the place to discuss the merit of the item for sale or the price of the item.

3. If you think they are asking too much, keep your opinion to yourself.
It they are not describing the item as clearly as you think they should you may want to PM them.
If you don?t like it don?t buy it.
If you don?t like the person posting then exit their post, WE DO NOT NEED ANY DRAMA HERE!.

4. If you have a legitimate question you may post it.
If you want to negotiate price, contact the Original Poster via PM or Email.
If you violate this policy you may be banned.
We will not tolerate bad behavior in the sale and trade sections.

Be careful of who you send money to.
If it seems to good to be true, it may be.
I?ve bought and sold numerous firearms and have never been ripped off.
However I have pulled out of a few transactions that didn?t seem right.
It does not matter how good the deal seems if you get ripped off.
Check the reference section.

6. List all items in the proper For Sale forum.
For sale items are not allowed anywhere except in the for sale forums.
Find the proper place for your item and list it there.
This also applies to items you want to buy.
Put these in the wanted forum.
Do not post links to for sale items you have on other forums.

7. Feel free to post pictures of your items.
Pictures will help A LOT with your sale.
If you are a buyer and you wish more pictures you may post the request.
Please size your pictures at a maximum of 800 x 600.

8. In the subject of your sale item you should post your state i.e. SC ? NC ? GA etc?
In the actual ad list your city but do not list your street address.
You must provide a cash price even if you are looking for trades.

9. The more information the better.
The more information you provide the better your chance of a sale is.
Avoid obscure abbreviations and acronyms not everyone is an expert.

10. Once item is sold please edit and put "Sold" in the subject line.
If you wish to withdraw an item, just edit your subject line by adding "Withdrawn".

11. No posting of links to auctions in any of the FS forums.

12. The Price Watch section is just that, a place for people to let others know about deals and availability of items out there. They belong there and there alone. Conversations are allowed there about said items, but KEEP IT CIVIL.

13. These rules are here for the allowance of availability to utilize the Gunshop areas- EVERYBODY is welcome. Please do not abuse the privilege, and thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance with the Palmetto Shooters Forum.
Not open for further replies.