Pimp the Forum


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As we all know this a fairly new forum and things take time to happen.
Our membership continues to grow slowly.
However I feel like we need to get the word out.

I have personally handed out 1500 cards most of which probably wound up in the trash.
I have also distributed close to another 1000 to others who are handing them out at shows and such.

Please ask your local gunshops and if we can put cards on their counters.
If they will permit I will send you or them enough cards to last for a while.

If you are on other forums please mention this place.
If you belong to a gun club please mention this place and if there is a way we can get into a newsletter please let us know.

If you have ideas on how we can pimp the forum please share them with us.


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I have put the cards you sent me out at 4 gun/pawn shops in my area as well as handing them out to friends and like minded people I encounter.


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I spread the word every chance I get as well.

Guess it's time to crank up the Eldo and put the fur coat on..........


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Just printed a couple sheets of cards this morning. I think the forum looks pretty good as is. Simple and easy to navigate. Check out this jeep forum I hang out on, a bigger company bought it from the creator and although it is still a good forum, it has grown into a monster. http://www.wranglerforum.com Bus as I said, I think the forum looks great.



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Chris I don't see too much wrong with that forum. It's the vBulletin format that IMO is way better than this one which is phpBB and which is somewhat limited. As for the adverts servers cost money to run and advertising is the way to pay the bills. With that being said I personally wouldn't let big business take over any forum, IE; http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/index.php FTE used to be run buy a small crew mostly family till they gave in to a company called Internet Brands, Inc and now it's advertised to death. As much as I hate to admit it that other Carolina forum although slow servers has limited adverts and is managing to stay afloat.

Bottom line IMO is take on just enough advertising to stay running smoothly.


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The thing I think is okay about the advetising on the jeep forum is that it is "post" driven. When you open a threat, the add up top is usually about something similar to the thread, like jeep parts for instance. I had a thread about trailier wiring and the small add up top was always a trailer parts company and it is never very big, just enough so you know it's there. Plus, it keeps from requiring a membership fee. Wrangler Forum has a fee that is voluntary but most don't do it.
So I'm in support of whatever give us a fun place to web-shoot but handles business. Now, if someone would join that has a case of M-4 uppers they want to share for a great low price in the For Sale forum I'd be totally happy. :mrgreen: