Perfect CCW


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If you were to have an unlimited budget, access to any gunsmith (armorer, manufacturer,etc.), and the availability of any type of materials to use; what type of handgun and/or concealment system would you design? Modify an existing gun or make up something never seen before?

What features would you want the handgun to have: i.e., grips, sights, revolver, semiauto, auto, caliber, materials, weight vs. recoil, safety concerns, colors, anything goes! :idea:

Assume anything is legal but do keep things believeable within the laws of physics, etc! Obviously we all want a rig that weighs 3oz, is the size of a pack of cigarettes, fires 100 rounds full auto of .50 cal, is silenced and perfectly accurate with no recoil.

Above all, have fun with it & lets see how creative we can get! Who knows, maybe we will come up with the next 1911! :D


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I am kind of spoiled with my CC package. Mine is my Kimber 3" in a Galco Miami Vice style sholder holster..



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Here are a few things that I think I would like to see:

Size: Something slim like the Taurus PT709, with maybe a little longer barrel for increased muzzle velocity / accuracy
Safety: Would have a grip safety like a 1911
Caliber: 9mm +P, 8 to 10 rounds if possible w/o being too large - maybe a cross between single stack and double stack?
Frame: a lightweight alloy like those Scandium revolvers
Grips: I imagine a material that you soak in hot water then grab it in your hand so that it forms to your individual grip. It can be redone later if you want to change it or sell it.
Colors: so that it does not reflect light the majority of the gun is flat black - some type of process like anodizing if possible, if not then maybe something like duracoat? I would like to see the grip end of the weapon (the part that extends above the beltline when in holster) should be a light neutral color so that it will not show through even a white shirt.
Sights has tritium three dot sights. Front sight would be different color or bigger or brighter - something to remind me to focus on front sight even though I am wetting my pants & screaming like a little girl! Ha, ha

For the holster, I think that I would be happy with the standard tuckable leather / kydex hybrid like a Crossbreed. Probably because I just got one & really like it - I am sure that given time I will think of something to change on it. Come to think of it, I think that I would like to see room for one spare magazine on it.

I am open to all criticism or agreements - I have thick skin so please feel free to mock or educate me as needed!



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Sounds great to me. I would like a two part resin grip plate that you squeeze and mix then hold on to grip til it sets in 5min or less. The plates would be attached with grip screws so changing owners would be as simple as new plates. The colors could be changed to match your wardrobe if a quick change attachment system could be devised.
I've gained a lot of respect for Poly frames since shooting Glocks, FN's and Rugers with composite frames. That being said, I wouldn't turn up my nose at a light weight metal frame.
The Ruger SR9c and the XD in 9mm or 40S&W with the 10rd or full size mags with extensions can fill the bill for fire power without bulk.
I also love my Crossbreed and I've used one for the last couple of years. An extra mag could be molded with the holster but it becomes awfully wide. It stretches from the 3 to the 5 o'clock position and either digs into your butt or you hip or both if you're skinny. I think a separate mag holder for the offhand side would be more practical if not comfortable. All our pants would have to be one or two sizes larger in the waist. Maybe a semi-staggered mag would hold enough without being too thick. Fordnut's shoulder rig is the ticket for extra mags if you have the right clothing. I've used an inner pocket my front pants pocket to carry an extra mag for my Bersa 380. It works well.
Oh well, just my rambling tonight.


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I want a laser,along with night sights, that is 'built in' such as the Crimson Trace guide rod type. My eyes are getting old and sometimes you don't have the time or the position to aim a shot. Every little bit helps.


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I would love to see a single stack 9mm Glock with a guide rod type laser.

To that I would have part of the grip stippled, and possibly have some type of really tough custom finish applied for wear, but mainly just to make it look great since money is no object. Possibly a 2 sided job with one side being an American flag theme and the other being a palmetto crescent theme, all in grey/black so it wouldn't be 'too' flashy.

With the slimmer profile I think I would still go with an MTAC, obviously fit for this fictional gun. I would love to see an MTAC made with some type of material a little cooler than leather for the months from april-sept.

I would ideally carry an extra mag and a surefire flashlight, but would love some pants that had a proper pocket for them without looking like tactical pants.

Beltman Belt, 1.5 inch, and possibly one tapered to 1" in the front for dressier days at work.

That too much to ask for?