Pay it Forward..


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I have seen a few sites with a pay it forward thread, some even did well enough to be stickied,

The way it works, I will post something, someone says "I'll take it" then they post something in its place.


Joe Morrison: I have a AR15 30rd PMag
Steve Spurrier: I'll Take the PMag, I have a RH Blackhawk Holster for a Glock 19
Lou Holtz: I'll take the Blackhawk, I have a Medium ALICE pack

Rules are simple-
(1)Do what you say
(2)If you take something, put something up.
(3)If you post it, you pay for shipping, unless you arrange something else (ex- FTF if you are close)


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Old ass thread I know but ill start it up.

I have A tapco foregrip, decent set of wood AK handguards, and an AK slant brake if anyone needs/ wants this stuff let me know.


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Hey,,,great way to get rid of extra mean stuff you don't need...I will look around. I have lots of junk....I mean stuff .