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What amazing deal did you find at a pawn store? I've seen stories of the $100 Spanish FR8 and the $99 Enfield MK-1. What have you "legally stolen" at a pawn shop? Half of the pawn shops around Charleston charge $100 over new prices! But there are deals to be found...What have you found?

I'll start things out...I found a Colt 1911 - series 70 MKIV government model for $550 - a few blemishes in the blue, but overall in great condition. I know there are much better finds out there...Tell us your story!


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I have had pretty good luck with the Money Man on Dorchester (Summerville). If something sits too long, they will slash the price. However, if I had to pick the best deal there it would be the ar-15 pictured below.

S&W MP-15
Daniel Defense Rail
AAC Flash Suppressor
VLTOR stock
Titanium Nitride Bolt
Eotech 556 (I think)
Matech BUIS
There has been trigger work and there are some needlessly fancy clips/pins holding the trigger assembly in place

Roughly building it on $2400.00
Price paid: $1000.00



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Where do I begin...............

S&W model 19-5 nickel - $150.00
Colt Python 6" blue - $318.00
Colt 1911 series 80 SS - $350.00
Colt 1911 NM series 80 blue - $375.00
Colt AR15 HB Sporter (preban) 20" w/ Nikon 4x12, 4 mags & soft case - $954.00
Glock 23 w/2 mags & 1 G20 mag (10rd) - $325.00
Glock 20 w/2 mags (10rd) plus 2 AR15 (30rd) mags and a 12' piece of chain - $380.00
Mossberg 835 Ducks Unlimited, pretty ugly but functions fine - $106.00
Mossberg 935 - $266.25
Ruger 1022 - $79.50
RWS Diana 17 cal. pellet rifle - $106.00
Savage MKII 22 LR - $47.92 (I have more in the scope rings than the rifle)

Dillon SDB reloading press $75.00, I bought another one later but can't remember what I paid but it was less than $100.00.

Man I miss them days!!!!


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Clicker said:
Ruger 1022 - $79.50

That's just obscene. When I do see 10/22s at pawn shops, they are at the $300 mark or more. Although I've been looking for another one, I refuse to pay more for a used rifle than the $195 I paid for mine brand new at Walmart.


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Matching numbers Swedish mauser-$100
Springfield 1911 A1 NIB-$400
Colt Delta Elite early model-$550
Mossberg 590-$230
Armi Galesi .25-$50
Ithaca 37-$230
Winchester model 12 20ga-$600
Winchester model 12 12ga-$300

Some of these are better deals than others, but there are deals out there to be found.

There are quite a few pawn shops near me. I have figured out who keeps the best deals and shop in them. I have ended up getting on a first name basis with these guys and it's always enjoyable wether I buy anything or not.


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I found an Arisaka Jinsen Arsenal assembler's rifle. Used to train the people who made the guns. Got it about six months back for $100. Sold at auction for $1800.

That was a good week.


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I've had this for awhile but It was a pawn shop find I bought this for $75 bucks. This was a poorly sporterized #4 that I restocked, Added a repop cheek piece and B square scope mount. It's turned out to be the best hunting rifle I've ever had.



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I see you're keeping those fishing holes private. Nagao, I think you are withholding the name of the shop out of compassion for that storeowner who would otherwise be kicking himself! I must be shopping at the knowledgeable shops, where prices are about faur market, or a touch above retail (Haggle room?). No steals in my book.


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It takes a lot of ferreting. I hit about 3 a week depending on where I'm at. 99.99% crap.

I've done other good deals too like a German marked and proper serial Astra 300 for $150. I kept that one. :)


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Best one I have had lately was a Glock 23..Picked it up for $400.00 with tax...Sold it 3 days later for $500...

Better shut up...I will have to pay income tax on the profits, if I am not carful....