Paths of Hate


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There was another one like this a few years ago. Very Asian. Lots of pauses during the movie for reflection. Not saying this one will be like it.

Midnight Raver

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There is tons of Manga based Anime out there. Usually it is sci fi, but there are many genres on the market- even dubbed in english.


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Nince animation.
It looks very WWII, I wonder if there is some latent message in the title as well as the imagery.
The planes are moving extreamly fast for propeller driven aircraft, but the effects of the trails is pretty cool.

I went to the website and found this PressKit in English. Essentially it is a film student's work like a portfolio piece.

Paths of Hate PressKit


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Thanks Pops I didn't see that. I'm going to have to look for the whole short film on this the animation is very cool.