Paraordnance 45 Recoil Spring help


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I have a high cap Para that I got used and think the recoil spring was changed and it is now over sprung.
Everyone who has tried to rack the slide thinks the same.

I have a gun show tomorrow and intend to try to pick up a new recoil spring.
Any suggestions on what weight I should get?
Will changing the recoil spring necessitate changing the firing pin spring?


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Wolf makes a good product. 16 Lbs is stock and unless your running a race gun that's really all you'll need. As for the firing pin spring it's probably ok but having an extra stock spring as a spare couldn't hurt.


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They should come with about a 19lb spring. Changing it should not be cause for a new firing pin spring, but as stated it's always nice to have an extra lying around.

A few things I have seen cause the slide to be difficult to rack are the barrel rubbing the locking lugs on the slide, having the wrong spring in the mainspring housing, and/or a tall disconnector.


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How does it function with the current spring? I believe the factory weight on the recoil spring is 22lb's so the slide is going to be a bit stiff.